Natura-Vein™ Tech

Technology to produce veined slabs

Natura-Vein™ Tech is a revolutionary
innovation developed by Infinity technical experts to obtain veined slabs, recreating the effect found on natural marble.


During the production process, this technology makes it possible to obtain a controlled sedimentation of the minerals, passing through the full thickness of the slab for perfect consistency between the surface and the body.

Infinity technology

Natura-Vein™ Tech is the latest step forward in porcelain stoneware production technology, a new frontier that edges the industrial product even closer to the unique, natural look of marble.

Exactly like natural marble, the veining pattern is completely random.
The technology can be applied to both the 20 and the 12 mm thicknesses.

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Classic Statuario


Calacatta Magnifico



Crystal Ice


Crystal Ice is inspired by the characteristic crystalline structures of Brazilian quartzite.

Crystal Amber


Crystal Amber is the warm variant, featuring golden reflections on an amber base. Also inspired by Brazilian quartzite, with further harmony afforded by a careful study of veining and nuances that maximise the threedimensional effect of the crystals.

Tundra Select


Tundra Select was developed by drawing inspiration from traditional intense, bright grey calcareous marble. The veinings and the material inclusions have been selected and remodelled by choosing the finest natural materials from the quarries.

Precious Sodalite


Precious Sodalite is the essence of the rare, precious stone. The developed selection reproduces its purest quality, extremely sophisticated and difficult to find.

Nero Granite


The beauty of South African granite on porcelain stoneware. The industrial production process gives the traditional, intense black of the volcanic rock an even deeper shade, as well as incomparable compactness and resistance.

Travertino Grey


A contemporary version of Persian travertine. Intense grey in colour, with ton-sur-ton accents of colour, this product is a popular choice for tiling large surfaces in contemporary and modern architecture products. A solution where classic meets modern.

Buxy Select


Buxy select derives from a blend of natural stones, mixed to obtain a balanced, even colour effect. Perfectly, distinctively consistent between the surface and the body of the material, enriched with mineral raw materials.