Infinity’s US partner Encore Gallery’s new boutique showroom is now open in downtown Chicago

Infinity’s US partner Encore Gallery’s new boutique showroom is now open in downtown Chicago

Since our US partner Encore Gallery launched its new boutique showroom at 900 N. Michigan Ave, downtown Chicago, in last November, we are thrilled about the wider variety of Infinity collections that are now closer to American audience.

To celebrate the latest step in our partnership with Encore Gallery, and the one that made us particularly proud, here’s our interview with Encore Gallery’s staff about its story and its special relationship with Infinity’s stoneware large slabs.

Q: When was Encore Gallery founded?

A: It was established in 2019 by founder Marcin Kondek.

Q: What were the most distributed products by Encore Gallery, initially?

A: In 2019 Encore was the primary manufacturer and distributor of 3D gypsum wall panels. Later that year, the president was introduced to porcelain and ceramic tiles during a trade show by one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. And then we made the decision to create a one-of-a-kind showroom that showcased large format tiles.

Q: Which parts of you showroom are dedicated to Infinity?

A: In a three year span, Encore Gallery has expanded into three showrooms located in Barclay, Illinois, St. Charles, Illinois, and now Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago.
Since our first showroom in Barclay, we have featured selected slabs from Infinity collections.
In our St. Charles location we just hosted a three day grand opening event where, thanks to a 18.000 square feets area, we were able to showcase a great deal of Infinity products. With the help of Infinity designers and our Sales representatives, we were able to create an incredible setting, that includes entrance, bar area, fireplace, kitchen, wine room and main office.
And now we just launched our third location in downtown Chicago, our boutique showroom. Here we had limited space available, but Infinity slabs are located in the main area of the showroom anyway.

Q: When did you start thinking about porcelain stoneware?

A: We started right after the first year of being in the business. Listening to our clients and seized their needs, we decided to go on a hunt to complete our offer. This is how we were introduced to Infinity products and since then we are constantly surprised by the solutions that we always found, which include Book-match, End-match and Vein Tech.

Q: Why did you choose Infinity?

A: Infinity products are exceptionally designed and they have a modern and unique look; and of course, most importantly, they offer the highest quality.

Q: And what are the feedbacks from your customers?

A: Our customers always provide very positive feedbacks, as they are impressed with the beautiful look and the new technology features that make their homes remarkable.

Q: How would you consider Infinity stoneware surfaces compared to other materials such as quartz, marble etcetera?

A: As an example, we can see that nowadays countertops made by porcelain slabs are becoming more and more popular. The real issue is the manufacture of porcelain compared with marble or quartz: and this is why Vein Tech technology is such a great way to introduce something new to the American public.
We are in the process of changing people’s minds. Porcelain is less expensive and more resistant to absorption, it ensures low maintenance and thanks to Infinity’s exclusive Vein Tech feature it offers the same look of marble or quartz.

Q: How do you see the future of Infinity in the US market?

A: We can see the growth of Infinity slabs in the American market very brightly, as these products reflect and fulfill the need of American society for something different and modern designed.