Infinity Future Designers Fund

Infinity Future Designers Fund

Identifying the lack of diversity in the interior design sector in Africa, Infinity is committed to designing and actively contributing to change.

The barriers of entry into tertiary courses for Interior Design are great, and stretch far further than the simple annual fees. Every year, the Infinity Future Designers Fund researches and strategizes, to implement a funded initiative that will best impact potential design students of that year.

Infinity South Africa, aims to identify young, talented, potential designers, who have a passion for design thinking and creativity. Infinity South Africa commits to offering a holistic and tailer-made solution to each selected student.

Infinity South Africa, in collaboration with Infinity The engineered Surface, commits to provide for tertiary fees, mentorship, devices, life-coaching and emotional support, lunch money, curriculum enhancement and business acumen.

Infinity’s aim is to ensure that the selected students are nurtured and supported, yet also made accountable and motivated to succeed. The core of the project objective is to witness a shift in the Interior Design industry in Africa, and we have taken this on as not just a campaign, but our responsibility as a brand.

Tiheli and Poloko are the students selected for the INFINITY FUTURE PROJECT of this year and they have been recognised as talented and passionate architectural students who graduated from UCT.

In 2022, they reached their dream of studying at the prestigious Politecnico di Milano in Italy.

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