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    2) INFINITY and all the names of products, including graphic symbols and logos, product graphics, drawings/models and intellectual property in general, in any form or mode of expression (by way of example and not in exhaustive terms: images, photos, drawings, films, figures, settings, structures, decorations, contents included in advertisements, banners and button advertisements etc.) present on this site or inside the advertising material made available by INFINITY, are the intellectual property
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    6) Only dealers, distributors and customers authorized by INFINITY can use INFINITY’s Images, and only for advertising purposes and in association with INFINITY’s products. Any modification, in particular, any alteration of the images by copying, photographic reproduction or variation with photo-mechanical or digital means, is prohibited. The only exception permitted is the reduction or enlarging of the Images, operations which do not, however, imply any attribution in creative and
    proprietary terms.

    7) With the exception of the right of use under the terms and conditions expressly permitted by these General Conditions, use of INFINITY’s Intellectual Property through any means (such as, by way of example and not in exhaustive terms: print, video, radio, internet, social media, instant messaging platforms or VoIP, etc.) is subject to INFINITY’s express authorization. Reproduction, publication, dissemination, modification, distribution (in any way) without INFINITY’s specific written consent is
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    8) Also in the event of express authorization, INFINITY’s Intellectual Property may never be used in relation to other products or services that are not INFINITY’s, or in any way such as to create confusion for the clientele, or in any way that may damage or discredit INFINITY.

    9) It is not permitted to use INFINITY’s Trademarks in your company name or to register web domains including INFINITY’s Trademarks, or to use them on headed paper or other material in any case intended for the public. Specifically, it is not permitted to use INFINITY’s Trademarks inside of – by way of example and not in exhaustive terms – business names, signs, commercial names, user names or page names of social networks, apps, promotional materials for sale or distribution etc. The deposit
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    10) Use of INFINITY’s Trademarks that implies the affiliation, sponsorship or endorsement of your products or services on the part of INFINITY is not permitted; in addition, it is not permitted to alter or distort INFINITY’s Trademarks or to combine them with other symbols, words, images or designs or to
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    11) Any right granted by INFINITY, by virtue of specific contracts, to use one or more of INFINITY’s Trademarks shall immediately cease upon the expiry or termination, for whatever reason, of the contract entered into for the purpose with INFINITY.

    12) Excepting for the right of use according to the terms and conditions expressly permitted by these General Conditions, the reproduction of INFINITY’s Images is subject to INFINITY’s express authorization.

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    15) Every breach of the above General Conditions may be prosecuted also criminally, if the necessary conditions apply, before the competent national authorities of the territory in which the breach was committed, in accordance with international treaties and standards.