Porcelain stoneware kitchen tops: Calacatta marble

Porcelain stoneware kitchen tops: Calacatta marble

White marble-effect porcelain stoneware for a timeless design

The beating heart of every home, and the nerve centre of daily life, the kitchen is the place where we spend most of our time indoors.

With its innovative, large-size ceramic slabs, uniform design and sophisticated details, Infinity Engineered Surface are used to design the ideal setting for any kitchen with all the charm of Calacatta white marble-effect slabs.

Lastre gres porcellanato effetto marmo bianco per un design senza tempo
Top cucina in Gres: il marmo Calacatta

Ultra-elegant solutions combining full style performance, material quality and strength, guaranteeing continuous surfaces, on floors and walls, with no gaps.

Prestigious kitchen tops, backsplashes, sinks and surfaces in marble style: Infinity Calacatta slabs have a pure white background, perfectly recreating the effect of natural marble.

Natura-Vein Tech, the revolutionary porcelain stoneware technology developed by the Infinity engineers, brings an industrial product even closer to the unique, natural effect of the real material.

Today, cooking and enjoying time with friends and family, creating a modern, elegant kitchen with exceptional technical characteristics, is possible with ceramic surfaces.

Effetto Marmo Calacatta Bianco: l’eleganza in grande formato

Calacatta White Marble-Effect: large-sized elegance

The white marble-effect is a classic choice for kitchen tops, and can easily be defined in a contemporary key, in a sophisticated and original manner. For elegant rooms with timeless charmthe Infinity Calacatta Marble collection is the ideal solution, with any variant in the range.

Infinity Calacatta marble faithfully reproduces Calacatta Magnifico, Oro, Glory or Arabescato marble in the kitchen: the lapped surface is ultra-glossy.

The white background is brightened by surprising grains in pale or dark grey, beige or warm gold hues.

With the revolutionary Infinity Natura-Vein Tech technology, the end result is an elegant, sophisticated surface in line with the latest interior design trends.

Calacatta Magnifico


Calacatta Magnifico is the latest addition to the Infinity range of marble-effect ceramic coverings.

Characterised by large slabs in smooth porcelain stoneware, marked by  grains borrowed from nature and exceptional technical performances, easy to clean, stain- and scratch-proof.

This collection includes slabs with through-body vein that recreate the effect of natural marble right down to the finest detail, guaranteeing a spectacular result.

Calacatta Lincoln


White, a natural shade of marble and a central focus of the Calacatta range, is one of the evergreen shades for kitchen coverings.

Calacatta Glory enhances white to the extreme, with its exclusive polished finish or Levigato Pearlwhich offers an extremely soft tactile feeling to marble-effect surfaces, similar to that of natural stone.

Calacatta Oro


Calacatta Oro exalts its wonderful grains with polished or satin finish, the perfect synthesis of beauty and function, guaranteeing a soft touch and a uniform, controlled matt surface, that brings out all the graphic details of the ceramic slab.

Calacatta Arabescato


And if you’re looking for a polished marble-effect porcelain stoneware kitchen top, Calacatta Arabescato is an excellent solution, ideal as a decorative covering for any surface or interior design element.

Used alone or combined with other materials such as stone, wood, concrete or metal, Calacatta marble-effect large size slabs are the ideal solution for elegant, refined and contemporary architectures.

For residential, commercial and contract spaces.

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Il miglior materiale per il piano della cucina? Il gres porcellanato effetto marmo nei grandi formati

White Marble kitchen top, an unstoppable trend

Infinity marble-effect large slabs in the kitchen find their ideal dimension in the shades of soft white. 

This colour offers easy combinations with different surfaces, household appliances and textiles, and contrast nicely with dark coloured stones and furnishings, or with different wood varieties.

Its underlying versatility makes it ideal in a range of different applications, and its presence makes the whole room extremely bright.

Kitchen solutions with white ceramic surfaces are therefore one of the interior design must-haves for 2021, especially in large-size porcelain stoneware.

Top della cucina in Marmo Bianco, un trend inarrestabile

What’s the best material for a kitchen top?
Large size marble-effect porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware is chosen more and more as the finishing material for kitchen tops by designers and architects, as well as private customers.

The Infinity maxi slabs are the ideal covering for designing materials for the kitchen and bathroom, including tops, backsplashes, basins and sinks, shower trays, tubs and other surfaces, marked by an ultra-modern, classic or urban-chic design.

Large-size stoneware can be used to create a single work surface – including sinks and backsplashes – guaranteeing a continuous material and style for any design, enhancing every surface in the room and underlining its stylistic identity.

With Infinity maxi-slabs the number of gaps is reduced to a minimum, guaranteeing a unique and timelessly elegant final effect.

Infinity Slabs: extra-large formats, extreme technical characteristics

In addition to the advantages for appearance and design, the large marble-effect slabs in the Calacatta range are the best material for kitchen tops also thanks to their unmatchable technical characteristics.

A kitchen top must be scratch-resistant: pans are placed on the surface and moved around, knives used and crockery and cutlery arranged.

The incredible material strength of Infinity porcelain stoneware slabs make it a safe, long-lasting, scratch-proof and waterproof surface that remains intact over time.

Lastre Infinity: formato extra per caratteristiche tecniche estreme
lastre in grès porcellanato Infinity

In contrast to natural marble, ceramic kitchen coverings are also resistant to changes in temperature, allowing you not only to work directly on the top but also place boiling hot containers or acids on it without risking stains or wear.

Hygiene is another decisive factor when choosing materials for the kitchen: washable simply with warm water, the Infinity extra-size slabs guarantee full non-toxicity of the materials and easy maintenance.

With its unbeatable properties, Infinity large-size stoneware slabs are the finishing materials most preferred and most commonly used by designers for fixed furnishing elements.

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