Modern marble-effect bathroom: elegance and performance

Modern marble-effect bathroom: elegance and performance

Bathroom ideas with large slabs, for a design in step with the latest trends

The use of marble for bathroom coverings is one of the great current cross-cutting interior design trends, with different living styles and tastes.

Natural marble is such a precious, refined and charming stone for creating attractive, harmonious settings, yet it is also highly modern and contemporary, with every single decoration, grain and colour shade.

Bagno effetto marmo moderno: eleganza e performance
Idee bagno con grandi lastre per un design di tendenza

From the analysis and research into the rarest and most precious natural materials come the Infinity large size marble-effect collections for bathrooms.

The charm of iridescent surfaces is reinterpreted in a true, sophisticated manner by the large ceramic slabs, guaranteeing a natural, harmonious style along with the exceptional technical performances of stoneware.

Using innovative technologies such as Natura-Vein Tech, Infinity has developed slabs with through-body veins that recreate the same effect as natural marble.

Be inspired by the spectacular bathrooms with strong visual impact, intended for architects, interior designers and anyone wishing to explore the new frontiers of stylish design.

Large marble-effect slabs, a modern furnishing choice

Colours, textures, grains: with its exclusive technologies, Infinity offers the possibility to create a marble-effect bathroom, whether in a classic and traditional style or something more modern and eclectic.

The extra-large slabs amplify the expressive potential of the surfaces through creative mixes, used to cover walls, floors and furnishing elements such as sinks, shower trays, tops and other furnishings.

Infinity large porcelain stoneware slab are easy to clean, resistant to wear and scratches and have strong colour stability. Over time, the colours are not damaged by exposure to the sun, heat shocks from liquids or acids used.

So what are the biggest trends for 2021 for a modern designer bathroom?

And what is the best way to combine marble-effect stoneware with other materials?

Grandi lastre effetto marmo, una scelta moderna di arredo

Create a relaxing oasis in the bathroom by combining the marble effect

Marble-effect materials blend perfectly with pale shades or tone-on-tone shades like pale pink, pale grey and white.

In recent years, playing with textures has been a huge trend for designer bathrooms: marble combined with black finishes and brass for a strong character, or with stone and concrete for a minimal design. 

Even when combined with polished or chrome-finished metal, the marble-effect bathroom becomes a place of refined and rare elegance.

Abbinare l’effetto marmo in bagno per un’oasi di relax
Il marmo lucido: luminosità ed eleganza senza eguali

Polished marble: unequalled luminosity and elegance

The marble-effect of Infinity polished surfaces adds brightness and breadth even to the smallest bathroom, extending the visual perception of space.

A byword for purity and luxury, the marble effect stands out for its grains, just like those found in nature, and is used to create visual and style games made to measure for any furnishing needs.

Furnishing ideas for modern bathrooms

With a high visual impact, choosing black marble-effect stoneware is guaranteed to create a bathroom with a sophisticated design.

Ultra-contemporary, almost futurist, black marble underlines the luxury and glitz of even the smallest room. 

Another popular solution for those who like an Art Deco style in the bathroom is black marble-effect porcelain stoneware combined with green.

Walls in Verde France, combined with a black floor in Marquinia, are enhanced to their fullest expression, adding architectural force to the whole design.

And its opposite, the bathroom in white marble stands out for its elegant and luminous design. 

Calacatta marble, with its delicate and extremely natural grains, transmits elegance, purity and a wonderful sensation of cleanliness, reinforced by the easy maintenance which is characteristic of porcelain stoneware.

Pietra Grey, nella sua tonalità intensa, ma anche neutra e versatile, si candida a tinta d’elezione per un bagno moderno

And for bathrooms with a more minimal and contemporary approach, grey marble-effect blends perfectly with any furnishing style and context. 

Pietra Grey, in its deepest shade, is both neutral and versatile, and is the ideal shade for any modern bathroom, in all variants, faithfully reproducing the authentic grains of grey marble.

Kind of Blue si distingue per le sue sfumature azzurro turchese

With Infinity’s innovative porcelain stoneware technology, ceramic slabs come even closer to the original uniqueness of the natural material.

Exactly like natural marble, the shade of Pietra Grey slabs may differ along the surface.

Another super trend is the combination with wood, for warm, cosy bathrooms, Kind of Blue stands out for its turquoise blue hues that create contrasting patterns that broaden the spaces.

Consultants available to help with any customisation needs

When we talk of Interior Design, customisation is not an option but rather the beating heart of a furnishing project.

The Infinity consultants are there to help you with any design and customisation needs you have to complete your furnishing project in every detail.

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